About Dataflex

DataflexViNE - All in-one Multi Service Access Gateways

Dataflex is a subsidiary of M2M solutions provider Eseye. Founded in 2003, Dataflex supplies enterprise access solutions to communications service providers around the world, ensuring seamless network connectivity and smooth migration towards next generation services for their enterprise and SME customers.

Dataflex's access solutions enable the delivery of all classes of enterprise communications services, from voice to video to data, providing a single access point from the carrier network and bridging the gap to the enterprise. A single ViNE platform combines multiple features and capabilities, allowing each ViNE solution to service a variety of functions simultaneously.

Dataflex ViNE Solutions combine critical functions into a single, scalable range of Multi Service Access Gateway and Integrated Access products:

  • Voice Gateway
  • Ethernet
  • Data Router
  • Session Border Control
  • Firewall
  • NAT
  • QoS
  • xDSL
  • Local Proxy
  • WLAN


Versatile Gateway Solutions for Service Providers

Dataflex's Multi Service Access Gateway solutions help communications service providers meet CAPEX goals by providing simplified deployment options and eliminating the need for dedicated PSTN gateways.

Dataflex's ViNE range also supports OPEX control goals through lightweight management requirements, such as auto-provisioning and self-installation, reducing the cost burden of managing customer connections.

Dataflex's customers include fixed, mobile, cable and VoIP operators, which all share a common goal: to deliver world-class services to their enterprise customers, both now and in the future.