Dataflex ViNE Access Gateway for Integrated Access to Carrier Networks

Multi-Service Delivery through a single device

Dataflex ViNE range of Multi-Service Access Gateways enables Service Providers to deliver a wide range of services through a single, dedicated access device without the need to upgrade existing deployed infrastructure. This can represent significant cost savings and provide increased incentives to stimulate demand for hosted services, driving revenue and profit at service providers.

The flexibility to cover all deployment options

The ViNE range supports features such as multiple Ethernet switching, VLANs, security, voice ports, local Proxy, router and SPI firewall, enabling a flexible solution for a wide range of deployment options. All ViNE products support VoIP Telephony and legacy systems in parallel, the ideal migration solution to a fully IP-based service. Industry-leading QoS functionality ensures maximum control over the call quality and optimises bandwidth requirements over private networks, driving efficiencies without impacting service quality.

Future-proof support of advanced services

In addition to voice services, the ViNE range also supports data and video, allowing communications service providers to support a full range of capabilities, including fax and collaboration tools, such as video and presence. The seamless addition of additional classes of service ensures that communications service providers can continue to increase the value of their offer and build subscriber loyalty.

Key Benefits of Dataflex's Solution for Integrated Access Applications

  • Deliver Hosted and Managed Services to legacy customers with a single solution
  • Ensure single access path for existing and future enterprise applications
  • No upgrade to existing equipment
  • CAPEX reduction through simplified deployment options
  • CAPEX savings through elimination of PSTN gateways
  • OPEX savings through single, consolidated platform
  • Multi-media service delivery to legacy CPE equipment
  • Flexible introduction of new services to enterprise / SME customers
  • Potential for up-selling through addition of new data and video services
  • Reduce churn; increase customer stickiness
  • Local SIP Proxy and Dial Plan functionality provides onsite survivability with service continuity