Dataflex ViNE Access Gateway for Next Generation Connectivity

Enabling NGN Services with minimal cost and disruption

The Dataflex ViNE series of Access Gateways enables Service Providers to provide their enterprise customers with advanced NGN capabilities regardless of their legacy equipment. The ViNE gateways provide full interworking between legacy and NGN signalling meaning that service providers are able to provide advanced services and PSTN emulation with a minimum of disruption and cost.

Cost-effective Migration Path to Advanced Services

Due to these extensive interworking capabilities, the ViNE platform promises fast Return on Investment for service providers. Deploying a ViNE solution in the network instantly helps to reduce  customer churn and drive revenue, giving serice providers access to the broadest possible market for NGN services. The auto-provisioning, self-install design of the ViNE further increases ROI by eliminating the cost of traditional gateways and lowering the ongoing expenses associated with maintenance and deployment.

Solution Carrier Class Continuity and Quality of Service

The ViNE Gateway delivers industry leading QoS functionality. This ensures control over call quality, optimising bandwidth to ensure that CSPs comply with their Service Level Agreements. PSTN breakout functions and full SIP proxy capabilities provide additional security and ensure continuity of service.

Key Benefits of Dataflex's ViNE IP Transformation Solution

  • Connect legacy customers to IP network with a single s
  • No upgrade to existing equipment
  • CAPEX reduction through simplified deployment options
  • CAPEX savings through elimination of PSTN gateways
  • OPEX savings through single, consolidated platform
  • Multi-media service delivery to legacy CPE equipment
  • Flexible introduction of new services to enterprise / SME customers
  • Potential for up-selling through addition of new data and video services
  • Reduce churn; increase customer stickiness
  • Local SIP Proxy and Dial Plan functionality provides onsite survivability with service continuity