Provisioning and TR-069

For communications service providers, a critical requirement is for CPE equipment to immediately and seamlessly integrate into the customer's premises and onto the service provider network. Reducing the cost of mass deployment of services to the enterprise is a clear goal.

With the advent of TR-069, service providers are presented with new possibilities in broadband deployments, including the ability to expand their services portfolio, manage the connected home or office, and build subscriber loyalty. Today, enabling the connected home or office is a reality for many service providers, and just around the corner for many more.

Dataflex was among the first CPE vendors to embrace TR-069, TR-098, TR-104 and TR-111 as it empowers the service provider and delivers the following advantages:

Fully automated "plug and play" installation solution for the ViNE range

  • Common solution using standard tools (future-proof compatibility)
  • A Simple Process auto-provisioning process may be:
  • Each unit is pre-programmed with a default config, generic username & password for the IP network
  • Each unit also has its own unique identifiers as the MAC address and Electronic Serial Number (ESN)
  • A ViNE device issent to the end user, who connects it to the IP connection
  • On connection, the DSL is trained and an IP session is established
  • The ViNE device connects to a central provisioning server and uploads the relevant configuration file based on its unique MAC address
  • Fully transparent to the end user
  • Auto-provisioning solution "in a box" or option to interface to an existing management system
  • Works with all product variants
  • XML interface or .csv file input.