ViNE Product Options

The Dataflex ViNE range comprises the most flexible and cost effective VoIP multi-service business gateways delivering industry leading solutions for multiple applications.


The modular ViNE units are an "all-in-one" voice and data unit, with xDSL modem, VoIP gateway, router, firewall, local Proxy, ethernet, SBC, NAT and QoS integrated in one box.


There are residential, SOHO, SME and Corporate solutions for global deployment. Options include standard ADSL/2+, G.SHDSL or Ethernet WAN interfaces with POTS, BRI and PRI voice ports. All are capable of supporting both SIP and MGCP protocols. Remote migration between both protocols is possible.


All units share the same firmware, user interface, management capability, remote upgrade functionality and VoIP functionality. This provides massive savings in terms of inter-op, management, logistics and operational benefits.


  • Based on a common software architecture, promoting rapid adaptation and enhancement
  • VoIP connections to PBXs, key systems, fax and handsets
  • Connect legacy & IP phone options in parallel
  • Deliver equivalent services through Supplementary Service Support (POTS & ISDN)
  • Trunking or non-trunking options
    • Multiple & Single Device Registration
    • Multiple Subscriber Number (MSN)
    • Trunking: No Registration
    • Static Endpoint mode
    • POTS Trunking
  • Port to port calling (local dial plan) with on-site survivability (SIP Proxy)
  • IUA / SIGTRAN solution for transparent feature support
  • Digit manipulation for national or PBX requirements
  • Subscriber validation
  • Screening & correction feature (White/Black list)
  • Same unit acts as a the IP Centrex / IP Telephony access g/w
  • Offer exceptional ease-of-use
    • Zero / Light touch
    • Self install
    • Auto configure
  • Exceptional ease of management
  • Continually evolving to take account of emerging standards and requirements
    • TR-069
  • Highly reliable
    • SIP Proxy capabilities
  • Leading roadmap allied to carrier evolution path
  • Transparent service capabilities
  • Consistent user experience
  • Rich interworking between legacy and NGN standards
    • Supplementary service logic developed in-house
    • Cause mapping and presentation
  • Future proof, ready for emerging trends, such as Femto cells and UC
  • Support robust protocol implementations
    • Network hardened
  • ROHS / WEEE compliant
    • Independently validated
  • Exceptional range of interoperability
  • Support for conferencing and real-time video