Technical Feature Notes

Dataflex Vine Multi Service Access Gateways and Integrated Access Devices support a wealth of valuable features which ensure simple deployment and integration with different network architectures and signalling protocols.

Integrated features allow communications service providers to address key issues such as quality of service, interworking with different protocols and mapping of supplementary services between legacy and NGN environments.

The features supported offer clear business benefits that help communications service providers extend their market reach and ensure that they can deliver services to customers with legacy equipment and services, as well as to new, all-IP environments.

The feature notes listed here provide key information to supplement our range of application notes and case studies. Feel free to contact us for any additional information required.

ISDN & SIP Interworking

With the rise of SIP, interworking between legacy ISDN and NGN SIP signalling has become a key issue. Learn how Dataflex can help resolve interconnection issues and ensure feature transparency across different networks.

Quality of Service

Communication service providers need to be able to ensure that the services they deliver are available with the required level of service. Multi Service Access Gateways and Integrated Access Devices are crucial elements in the delivery of effective quality of service.

SIP and Supplementary Services

Supplementary services present challenges for communications service providers, creating service continuity and service compatibility issues. Dataflex can help address these problems by the adoption of advanced SIP REFER and SIP INFO procedures.

SIP Proxy Capabilities and Survivability

Failsafe capabilities from Dataflex ensure full survivability of enterprise communications systems, allowing communications service providers to address enterprise concerns for reliability and performance. This feature note explains how Dataflex provides embedded SIP Proxy capabilities to ensure full continuity of service.

TR 069

With demand for broadband access growing and increased complexity of CPE devices, enterprises and SMEs need a "plug and play" approach to the installation of premises equipment. TR069 addresses this problem by providing a secure framework for auto-configuration, lowering communications service provider OPEX. Dataflex provides full support for TR069, helping communications service providers manage costs and increase market penetration.